A Goodbye

July 14, 2017

Today, Prospect Theater Company is giving a warm farewell to our Management Intern and Global Musical Theater Initiative Associate, Julia Bardinon, as she returns to France after working with us for the past six months. We asked her some questions about her New York experience in the interview below:

Julia B

Julia Bardinon with Prospect’s Producing Associate, Brandon Zamudio, at the company’s 2017 Gala.

1. How was your overall experience in the New York theater world?

Usually when I get excited I switch to French. If I were to answer this question orally I would say: “absolument incroyable et très probablement la meilleure expérience professionnelle et personnelle que je pouvais espérer”. (translation: absolutely amazing and probably the best professional and personal experience I could dream of).

2. How is your time with Prospect Theater Company going to help you when you return home?

My experience here has inspired me to create a Musical Theater Lab in Paris, the first French Lab exclusively dedicated to Musical Theater. While working with Prospect Theater Company, you just get to think of everything you think of as being possible. And as a huge fan of Musical Theater, I want to help artists from my country develop new musical theater works while finding their own French way of gathering diverse performing arts on a stage. The Lab will have its first season next year and I’m so excited to try to adapt all the things I’ve seen and learned here to the French performing arts scene.

3. What has been your favorite part of your work experience?

Getting to meet the most inspiring and talented people I have seen in my whole life. Both on stage and off, Prospect Theater Company manages to gather a community of smart, hard-working AND passionate people. And the most amazing part was that even if I’m from a different country and so young in the industry, I now feel like a part of this very special community.

4. What was the one thing that surprised you most about your job AND New York?

Stage Managers. The position does not exist in France and honestly I was so surprised to find one in every single production. That was before I understood how valuable they were to the good conduct of rehearsals and shows. Later, I found out that stage managers are just the tip of the iceberg of the organization of theater in NYC. They are the living proof of how industrious and well organized theater is in this city.

5. What are you going to miss about your time here?

The excitement of discovering new things every single day – in the arts but also in general. Being an expat, it’s experiencing different habits, ways of seeing life, cultures… and it’s so enriching! and entertaining. And of course – I can’t tell how much I’m going to miss all the people I’ve met here…

One Response to “A Goodbye”

  1. Elizabeth West said

    I’m so pleased that Julia Bardinon enjoyed her work with Prospect
    Theater Company. Especially pleased
    that she recognized the contributions
    of the Stage Managers, as my daughter,
    Kat West, is an accomplished one.
    We wish you great success in France
    Ms Bardinon!

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