Food and Theatre – My Favorite Subjects

July 13, 2016

The title is not a joke. My life generally revolves around food and theatre, so naturally I was thrilled at the opportunity to sit in on a rehearsal for a show about singing food.

Good Butter is one of the six short musicals included in Archetype, this year’s Musical Theater Lab. Last week, I attended a rehearsal for this short work, and interviewed the writers about their creative process.

Good Butter, in 25 words or less, is about “When a stick of butter learns that her purpose in life is to be food, she creates chaos for everyone around her while trying to fulfill her destiny.” Didn’t think a stick of butter could have feelings…? Think again! Everybody can relate to this piece, from the Butter’s desire for something new to the Fridge Motor’s reliance on tradition.

Based on the archetypes The Lover and The Creator, Good Butter (written by Liana Stillman, Nichole Jackson, and Yoonmi Lee) “was a fun challenge because we had no idea what archetypes we would pick, so we were excited to go in with a blank slate and create something from scratch…We had so many ideas that we wanted to incorporate into the piece, but the 10-minute structure made us think hard about exactly what moments were vital to the story.”

How did they get the idea for their show? ” Having picked The Creator and The Lover, we started by asking ourselves what are some things that a creator might create? When we brainstormed, we threw out a lot of interesting ideas, but one we kept coming back to was a butter sculptor at a county fair and her sculpture. As this idea began to form, the inanimate objects around these two characters began to take on a life of their own, our human ‘creator’ morphed into a mechanical one, and the rest of our story fell into place from there.”

How exactly did the show evolve from a butter sculptor and her sculpture? That’s something you’ll have to see to discover! And if there’s one thing Yoonmi, Nichole, and Liana want you to take away from this funny project, it’s to have fun!


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