The Prospect Musical Theater Lab

July 7, 2016

Sounds kind of science-y, doesn’t it?

(It’s not).

The Prospect Theater Company Musical Theater Lab gives up-and-coming musical theater writers the chance to do what they do best! Each year, teams of writers are chosen and challenged to write a 10 minute musical surrounding a certain theme. They then have a month to write, three-four weeks to rehearse and workshop the material, and then several nights to present the pieces to the public. Not a science lab, but interesting and challenging nonetheless.

As I mentioned, this year’s theme concerns the twelve Jungian archetypes. Archetype, the culminating performance, will consist of six original pieces. Interested already? Just wait til you hear what the new musicals are about!

  • Good Butter
    • Written by Nichole Jackson, Liana Stillman, & Yoonmi Lee
    • Archetypes: The Creator and The Lover
    • What’s it about? A stick of butter and a refrigerator motor have different goals in life.
  • The Pledge
    • Written by Chris Staskel & Nikko Benson
    • Archetypes: The Innocent and The Ruler
    • What’s it about? A girl rushes a sorority, only to find out its full of vampires!
  • Miss Metcalfe Goes to College
    • Written by Sarah Mucek & Karl Hinze
    • Archetypes: The Magician and The Explorer
    • What’s it about? A young woman and her mother find out they are about to embark on the same journey: college!
  • Salon, A Cautionary Tale
    • Written by Mindi Dickstein & Barbara Anselmi
    • Archetypes: The Caregiver and The Hero
    • What’s it about? Donald Trump is in for a treat the next time he gets his hair cut!
  • Little Bird
    • Written by Sukari Jones & Troy Anthony
    • Archetypes: The Orphan and The Sage
    • What’s it about? A young boy at an inner city school gets chosen to perform a solo at a school performance, but faces some adversity in the form of bullies.
  • A Guy & A Girl
    • Written by Cheryl Davis & Jonathan Portera
    • Archetypes: The Jester and The Rebel
    • What’s it about? You’ll have to come see to find out!

These wonderful shows feature Renee Albulario*, Sherz Aletaha*, Latoya Edwards*, Heslens Estevez, Donell James Foreman*, Lydia Gaston*, Greg Horton*, Austin Ku*, Billy Lowrimore, Chandler Reeves, and Hana Slevin. The pieces were curated and directed by Dev Bondarin, and musically directed by Daniel Sefik.

Archetype runs July 27 -July 31 (Wed & Thurs at 7:30PM, Fri at 8:00PM, Sat at 3:00PM & 8:00PM, and Sun at 2:00PM) at the 14th Street Y Theatre (344 East 14th St. @ 1st Ave).

*member, Actors’ Equity Assocation


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