Broadway in Bryant Park!

July 7, 2016

This morning, I headed over to Bryant Park with the Prospect Summer Musical Theater Intensive! We watched the spectacular show, and I learned more about Prospect’s Summer program.

The Summer Musical Theater Intensive is one of Prospect’s annual programs. It offers students ages 12-17 the opportunity to build their performance skills by working with a professional director and musical director to present a new musical revue, premiering original songs and monologues written expressly for young people by some of NYC’s emerging composers and lyricists.

This year, the performance material centers around the history of the East Village. The musical draws from the landmarks, food, culture, and events that have shaped the East Village through time. For ten days, the 15 students work to learn the music and blocking for this production. In their spare time, they do fun theatre things (like watch Broadway in Bryant Park)!

IMG_8669When I got there, Wicked was performing!

And then Matilda!

The Color Purple went next – wow!

Broadway was full of surprises, as always, and sang the Orlando song! Go acceptance!

Some of Prospect’s performers enjoying the show!

I got to speak with some of the students about their experience so far with Prospect’s program – most of them had never done it before, and were excited for the opportunity! It’s the third day of the intensive, and they are already well on their way to learning the music for their show (which is 7/15 and FREE, in case you were wondering). Violet, a veteran of the program, likes working on new material and enjoys the ensemble feel of the program (there are no “leads” in the show). She and Cali, who go to a performing arts high school in the city, both love musical theatre and hope to pursue it as a career one day. Eliza, who is spending the Summer in the city, finds working with the writers to produce a new show exciting!

Ren, who has gone to theatre camp at the 14th St. Y for a few years, is a newcomer to the Prospect program. This is the first Summer that Prospect has held the intensive in the 14th St. Y, which (as I mentioned in an earlier post) is a great space!

After the show, the students headed back to the Y to get started rehearsing! I can’t wait to see what they put together! The show is July 15th at 5pm at the 14th St. Y, and it is free!


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