A New Venue and More Shows!

July 1, 2016

With Vote For Me over, Prospect is moving to a new location for the rest of our Summer shows. The 14th St. Y, over on 14th Street and 1st Ave, is home to Summer camps and all kinds of activities, and the black box theatre is all set to house the rest of our season!

We headed over there the other day to check out the space before rehearsal for the Musical Theater Lab.

36d13870-f382-4c87-8a9b-b06a656f6b7b.jpgThe chairs all set up for rehearsal!

9ea9d740-43b3-482b-825b-3666e83c6e35Leah sorts through some music before rehearsal starts!

This Summer, Prospect has quite the diverse selection of productions, all held at this great location!

Scheherazade – A Staged Workshop Presentation
July 14-17
Based on Jason Grote’s play 1001, this kaleidoscopic reinvention of The Arabian Nights wraps stories within stories, deconstructing and examining narrative, the Middle East and identity through a 21st-century lens, and the love story of a Jewish man and Palestinian woman.

The Dutch Master – A Staged Reading
July 25
Presented in partnership with Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre
Explore the life of Han Van Meegeren, one of the most ingenious art forgers of the 20th century
(Free admission)

Archetype – 2016 Musical  Theater Lab Presentation
July 27-31
An evening of original short works generated in Prospect’s 10th Annual Musical Theater Writers’ Lab, inspired by the twelve Jungian archetypal characters.

Summer Musical Theater Intensive Show
July 15
Written for and performed by the participants in the Prospect Summer Musical Theater Intensive, a program for students age 12-17. This year’s show centers around the history and culture of the East Village.
(Free admission)

Make sure to plug these into your calendar, and stay tuned for more information about all of these exciting shows!


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