Vote For Me!

June 28, 2016

Vote For Me was this past Saturday, and it went off without a hitch!

We interns met the production team at the Prospect offices to carry the necessary props and materials over to the TimesCenter. You will never be a complete theatre person until you’ve carried props through the middle of midtown.

IMG_8588Fabulous intern Leah carries a stool through Manhattan!

Once at the TimesCenter, I took a while to get acclimated to how GORGEOUS it is! Seriously, if you couldn’t come see Vote For Me, go see whatever show is playing there next. Because it is probably the coolest venue I’ve seen. While most off-broadway NYC theaters I’ve seen are fairly similar, sparse, black boxes, the TimesCenter has a garden as its backdrop. Not to mention, the seats are spacious and the theater as a whole is just great!

IMG_8593Simply stunning!

IMG_8590Look at all that legroom!

Once we set up the stage, the actors arrived and began teching the show with the production team. We interns headed out to the box office to sell some tickets!

IMG_8610Joohwan, Leah, and I selling tickets! Check out the fancy lights behind us!

The show itself was wonderful! I spoke to several audience members after the show and they thoroughly enjoyed it. One audience member spoke to the power of voting the production inspired in her – she said she will definitely vote in the upcoming election!

Though the debate was a close one, democratic candidate Janet Tilghman won! We had around a 100% voter turnout, which is roughly double the actual voter turnout in this country… as Robyn’s song in Vote For Me pointed out. Overall, we had a great turnout for this production, and we hope you enjoyed the show if you were able to join us on Saturday!

IMG_8599The show advertised outside the TimesCenter

IMG_8613The cool setup of the stage – garden and all!

IMG_8607So many filled seats! So many happy audience members!

IMG_8587Congratulations to Governor Janet Tilghman for winning the election by popular vote!


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