Social Media Matinee? 

March 29, 2016

Big announcement! 

On Saturday April 2nd at 2pm, Prospect Theater Company is excited to offer a special “social media appreciation matinee” performance and after-panel with some of the show’s creators and actors! Bring your smartphone, as there will be photo opportunities both immediately preceding and following the performance where audience members may photograph costumes and props and pose with the show’s cast and creators. We encourage you to celebrate your theater experience by tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking pre- and post-curtain.If you’d be interested to attend, we encourage you to RSVP/apply with your social media handle information and in a few words, why you would like to attend our Death For 5 Voices show! We have a limited number of ticket pairs to give out to social media enthusiasts who love theater so please do apply promptly if interested. Reply to the tweet that linked you here– or just tweet us directly if interested. We hope to see you there!

And… To whet the appetite- a few photos from the show. 


This last week, Death For Five Voices was invited to speak about the creating of a new musical with The Bogliasco Foundation.  The Bogliasco Foundation presents lectures and provided a wonderful venue to perform some excerpts from Death For Five Voices, while creators Peter Mills and Cara Reichel provided some background on what the process was like bringing this musical to NYC.

Check out the video for the entire lecture and performances!

Excerpts performed by:
Meghan McGeary
Ryan Bauer-Walsh
L.R. Davidson

Max Mamon, piano

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò
New York University
March 3, 2016

D45V comes to NYC!

March 12, 2016


Et ego vadam New York City!

Death for Five Voices and Co. has returned to the city that never sleeps- and after a few changes during our international residency, you may not be able to sleep after seeing it.

For those of you who are new to the journey of this show here is a little info about what is going on:

Death for Five Voices is based on an historic event: On October 16, 1590 Prince Carlo Gesualdo entrapped and brutally murdered his wife, Maria D’Avalos, and her lover, Fabrizio Carafa, at the Gesualdo home, the Palazzo San Severo in Naples. At the time, the murders were widely known and documented, but nothing was done to apprehend Carlo who, as an Italian nobleman, and having caught the lovers in flagrante delicto, was within his rights.

This new musical drama explores the complex artistic personage of Carlo Gesualdo, a groundbreaking composer of the late Renaissance, and investigates how his creative internal life and subsequent compositions may have been related to his brutal external actions. Peter Mills’ sophisticated original score, which incorporates musical themes from Gesualdo’s compositions, blends period musical style with contemporary theater storytelling to create a compelling portrait of a troubled artist, living at a moment in history when complex political and religious forces collided and changed our perceptions of the possibility of art.

A cast of seven actor-singers and a chamber ensemble of four musicians bring to life this gripping drama and psychologically thrilling tale of the voices that lived within Carlo Gesualdo.

Take a look at our New York City cast:


Jason Gotay (Paper Mill Playhouse’s A Bronx Tale, Spider-Man, Bring It On!) as Carlo Gesualdo.


Jeff Williams (The Pirate Queen, The Music Man) as Alfonso Gesualdo.


Manna Nichols (Allegiance, Goodspeed’s Guys and Dolls) as Maria D’Avalos.


L.R. Davidson (Soul Doctor, Follies, Reel Music) as Sylvia Albana.


Ryan Bauer-Walsh (BILLY ELLIOT, The Most Happy Fella) as Pietro Marziale.

Meghan McGeary

Meghan McGeary (The Blue Flower) as Girolama Gesualdo.

Helen Hayes Award-winner Nicholas Rodriguez (Arena Stage Oklahoma!, Tarzan) as Fabrizio Carafe.

And check out the snazzy post cards! Please feel free to share the below image with friends as we spread the word about this fantastic new production of Death For Five Voices!1457579961_12819164_1286368301389868_6858947764547583973_o

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