Jiggady Jig

November 22, 2015

Home again, Home again! … We don’t want to go home again!


Bright and early we all packed ourselves onto our ‘tour bus’ and headed to the airport.  

  Goodbyes were not easy to make. But we had a long journey ahead of us. Those of us who aren’t great at sleeping on planes, knew we would be up for around 26 hours. So when we got to the airport, it was time for a breakfast sandwich and a drink! What a great adventure. Performing in Avellino- doing Death for Five Voices on such a huge stage! And in the castle where Carlo lived? What a crazy thing to do. I know I will always treasure this experience. 


26 hours later. New York City. Pouring rain. Landed.

We were exhausted. Pulling luggage down to exit the plane was a great excuse to stretch your spine after a long sit. But then there is the zombie like cattle run that is; RE-ENTRY.  Customs is always just the longest line–It’s like Trader Joes to the 10th.

Once we got our luggage we had to say goodbye. Hugs that were more like people leaning on each other for support ensued.

Tina, Peter and I almost ended up in a cab to Queens before we realized we were just really tired—and that none of us lived in Queens.

We all said our final goodbyes knowing we were at most a few blocks apart in some cases.

I paid the cab driver as he pulled up to my door- the rain had just stopped as I got out and began to climb the five story walk-up. The last moments of adventure are fingers scurrying about trying to figure out where we put the keys. Exit SL. 



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