We open in Avellino! 

November 18, 2015

Hey guys!

Ryan Bauer-Walsh here for Prospect Theater Company!

We arrived in Avellino bright and early- but not as bright and early as Cara and Kat. There was so much work to be done. We were about to tech an entire show in 4 hours.  So once we got to the theatre, it was time to make camp. We found our dressing rooms, and started going through the space shift immediately. IMG_4811


Below is Maurizio, our fantastic Italian interpreter. Its nice to see him taking the directors seat! None of this could have happened without him.12241532_10153115161246971_6661810791296348400_n

Here is our stage– they haven’t put the screen up yet for supertitles. But it will be a pretty large rectangle over the bed when it is complete.

Once we were able to start spacing through the show and adjust to our new entrances and exists- we went pretty quickly through the show creating light cues and lightning speed. Kat West is pretty amazing and getting it done!

When all was said and done at tech, we went to get a nice dinner at a restaurant that had opened just for us. But we were in the middle of the marathon and there was no way a huge meal was going to get us to the end of the race!

We headed back to the theatre to see an ever growing audience assembling to see what this troupe of New York actors had to say about their town history. It seems like they liked it- we were even reviewed in several Italian publications! And just like that– we were bowing. For all the chaos of the day, it felt so strange to suddenly just be done.

Those of us who had their adrenaline surpassed by exhaustion slept on the bus ride home– those of us who didn’t, spent their time telling new jokes and hysterically laughing.

It was a perfect day with lots of challenges. Check back tomorrow to see our last Hurrah in Gesualdo before heading home to NYC.

Till then!



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