Day 13: Exhale

November 18, 2015

We did it! 2 shows in 2 weeks! Such a great feeling to have the stress off! Time to enjoy Gesualdo! We get to be tourists today–More so! So here are some moments from the day, or that you may not have seen yet!

Raphaele, our host at Zembalo B&B treated us to the best time while we were in Gesualdo. Here, he, me and Wilson have a laugh over the valley below Gesualdo.


This dog became quite the celebrity to us. His name is Bart. He is so excited to see us every time we walk to the castle. We give him the title of “best dog in Gesualdo”.


On our way to lunch today we stopped off to see a few things, and take some pictures. Below is one of the many piazzas in Gesualdo. This one happens to be particularly nice.


We stopped off for a group photo. Not quite the Bradys… But definitely a bunch.


We had our last lunch at San Vincenzo, which was one of the two places that agreed to feed us lunch every day. The food was always delicious and the wine was amazing. 12249793_10100705431331979_6939418886254683068_n

Group photo after lunch! 12274560_10153130810096286_7313193610092716949_n

After lunch it was time to head to the castle to do exit interviews. The sun just happened to be setting, creating some great backdrops for the cast. 12239580_10100705511411499_874107689357025328_n

Cara got a pretty amazing background! Did I mention how incredibly beautiful Gesualdo is?12250052_10153130820936286_3455708090392883821_n12234906_10100705511576169_4503224167981193420_n12278644_10100705431411819_6308730223638447951_n12278720_10153130818891286_3146661588784842005_n12246956_10100705621251379_7221600183279157346_n12239515_10100705511720879_3326689032731386915_n12278807_10100705620907069_2025486039716512819_n

After our interviews it was time for some shopping and dinner. We went to DaPeppino’s for the last time. It was sad to know we would be leaving in the morning. Everyone treated us like family, and we felt so welcomed in this little town. I want to thank everyone who helped us with this adventure. None of us knew exactly what we were getting into, but everyone was excited to take the journey together. 11215117_10153118624356971_3877751193338222139_n

Tomorrow it is back to New York. It will be a long day, so we are tucking in!

See you then!



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