November 16, 2015

Hey Guys! Ryan Bauer-Walsh here for Prospect Theater Company! Well, we did it! In about a week we put up a production of Death For Five Voices in the town of Gesualdo, Italy. Performing this material in the setting where a large majority of it occurred, was amazing.

The cast of D45V:

Getting this thing on it’s feet was quite an adventure. There is no backstage– there is a courtyard and a staircase that leads to an abandoned section of the castle– and no green room– but a reinvented kitchen from just before electricity became mainstream. The history of this place is incredible– It has been a strong hold in Gesualdo since 1009.

A group of school kids came to watch us rehearse during day. They are from the local music school. They had great questions and thought Wilson looked like Malfoy from Harry Potter or Justin Timberlake.


Here is a shot of the stage during the show. It was quite a spectacular night!11221702_10153112057681971_4512072510060349298_n

After the show we had a quick breakdown to prepare the show to be transported to Avellino. 12122955_10153113217901971_5505981065284456627_n

Pete and Cara enjoying the moment!12241568_10153113218331971_2127668812359356671_n

To now be a part of that history… is something I can’t quite grasp yet. But I am so thrilled to have had this opportunity. It was a long day– so this is a short blog. But tomorrow…. we have adventure time! Off to Pompeii!

See you then!



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