Day 7: It’s been.. One week since you looked at me! 

November 12, 2015

Aaaaaaand we are staged! FULLY! Tomorrow we have our sitz/wanderprobe with out amazing pit on our NEW deck in the castle! Check out a few pics from our fight choreography rehearsal with Fight Captain, Peter Saide. 

Here is a little text to give you a feeling for the scene…. It gets intense pretty quickly!

But today was a great day. After having spent a luxurious day in Naples, it was really fantastic to get back to work with a fresh mind on things. Everyone seemed ready to get down to it as we are getting down to it time wise. The piano arrived today as well, which is a big relief– and most of the set pieces are now here. In addition to set pieces— our set designer Anne is here!  She was thrilled to experience the wonderful hospitality we have all been treated to here in Gesualdo. So tomorrow is a big day, and hopefully it will be the day that feels like the glue that creates a show for opening night on Sunday! Talk to you tomorrow!



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