Day 5: Is this real life? 

November 10, 2015

Today our wonderful music director Max Mammon and our stage manager of wonder, Kat West set forth to meet our musicians from the conservatirio statale di musica d cimarosa. They are professors of their instruments and fantastically capable of performing in the baroque style that is demanded by Pete Mill’s luscious score and Carlo Gesualdo’s intrepidness. They sound absolutely stunning.  


 Back at the castle, staging for act II was underway.   

And tomorrow our cast heads to Naples to see where some of the events in our play took place! While we are away, our stage will be constructed over the rough hewn and aged cobblestone courtyard that has been torturing our actor ankles this last few days. Here’s hoping it doesn’t squeak while we sing! On our way out of the castle I stopped off in one of the grand halls in the castle and as I headed out for the evening I was greeted by the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. 
     I don’t know if this color has ever been made by man! It was the most gorgeous way to end a good day of work. 

Back at Zem-Below rehearsal continued a bit and then it was off to Da Peppino for sausage and roasted cauliflower. Butter lettuce and bread— and of course the obligatory and delightful casks of local wine. 

We are all pretty exhausted, and it is getting closer and closer to performance time! So check back tomorrow to see our adventures as tourists in Naples! 

Till soon! -Ryan 


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