Day 1: We fly to Italy!!

November 7, 2015

Hey Guys! Ryan Bauer-Walsh here!

So here we are on Day One of our adventure to Italy. I’m typing this somewhere over Belgrad as we fly into Istanbul to catch a plane to Naples. It has already been a long day! It feels a bit like a dream.
I woke up at 6 am just to make sure I had everything ready to go. You never really feel like you have everything packed until you arrive and realize you have packed too much!
The uptowners in Manhattan all met up at Cara and Pete’s place to pick up our costume bags and catch the van to JFK.
It feels a bit surreal to finally be heading to Gesualdo after three years. I first played Pietro in Death for Five Voices in the original production with Prospect Theater Company, and coming back into the production is an exciting adventure.
There have been some changes to scenes and songs, and a few new numbers that are really beautifully constructed.
So as I close my laptop as we begin our descent into Istanbul—I am starting to come out of the dream a little— I can’t wait to update you on our progress!

But first things first. Wilson Bridges and I found a great deal on Panda neck pillows. So we got them


t was a really good deal… SO EVERYONE GOT THEM! YAY! JFK has never been so fun. 🙂

IMG_4063 IMG_4071

Then there was the ever amazing airplane food. We mangia’d some pretty okay grub 10,000 feet up. But after two airplane meals, you start to feel like you are just being stuffed full of salt. The flight to Istanbul had a good amount of turbulence, but we made it in just fine, and after a three hour layover we were on our way to Naples!

The food service was pretty sharp! Look at that chef’s hat!


Finally in Istanbul the sleepiness began… We all took turns watching the bags as we fell asleep anywhere we could find a spot to rest.

IMG_4076 IMG_4086

Then after a nice layover- it was off to Naples!


After landing we all got into a big van and drove the last 70 minutes to Gesualdo with a few stops around the way to make sure we could take in all the sights along the way. 🙂


and then we arrive! Zembalo B&B is this remarkably well put together house on the hillside of Gesualdo.


The views are amazing!

IMG_4140 IMG_4141

and check out my bedroom. The balcony overlooks the entire valley below.

IMG_4144 IMG_4145 IMG_4146

and it has some awesome style going on here too!IMG_4148

Jaime and I taking in the view of Gesualdo.IMG_4150

we were then treated to lunch. Out lunches will all be at one location and dinner will be at another every day. The food is beyond amazing here and it is served with such pride!


A quick walk back to Zembalo through the town allowed us to meet some of the 3000 residents that live here. People would come out and greet us along the way.

IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4157

IMG_4158 IMG_4161 IMG_4164


Here is the ZEMBALO B&B– we will have a few rehearsals in the amazing cafe space on the first floor.


They even did a great welcome banner for us!

IMG_4176  IMG_4178

After a quick power nap ( I fell asleep in a pile of pillows in the lounge against my will– haha!) — It was off to our dinner spot! We were treated to pizza, cheeses, meats, and salads– wine and fizzy water. There was also a birthday party going on and we got to meet a few more of the locals. This town is so warm and wonderful.


IMG_4180 IMG_4181 IMG_4182

and what would be a better way to end then night than toasting to our arrival in this amazing place with some Limoncello! Its great to be here, and we are all excited to get to work in the morning! We will be up bright and early for a press conference in town!


So check back with us to see how the process of an international residency takes shape! We will rehearse in the castle as well as in the Zembalo hotel. Feel free to shoot me a few questions in the comments if you want! It’s so nice to share this experience with you!

Till tomorrow!



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