December 15, 2009

Today we meet two of our older youth cast members. Ari and Jake! A good friend of mine sent along a little message for Ari as well.

NAME: Ari Shaps

AGE: 15


ENTER STAGE RIGHT: Ari has been in “a few” other shows. With five years of performing under his belt, Ari is a welcome addition to the cast of EVERGREEN.

FAVORITE PART OF EVERGREEN SO FAR: The prologue and the opening number.

AUDITION SONG: “The Kite” and “Santa Fe”

FAVORITE MUSICAL: The Rocky Horror Show –  “It’s just a really good show. You gotta love that good old ‘Rock’n Roll.’”

FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: “Science, anything except physics!”

FAVORITE HOBBY: “Being a vegetarian.”

WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GET OLDER: “Probably something in the spectrum of Bio chemistry but I see something new I want to do almost every day.”

Best Luck on your upcoming shows, buddy. Shane tells me you are very interested in pursuing a career in the arts. It is certainly a very tough road. The working years are the best years, and the REAL challenge is being prepared to love the time when you are not.
My best advice for a guy about to get to the college age is this; Find a school with a good theater program across the board. Music, dance, and acting. The best thing you can do is train yourself to be a professional. There are a lot of skills and methods to learn. Study your passion.
I was lucky to book the Rocky Horror Show on Broadway right out of college. It was an amazingly rich experience. A year and a half of 8 shows a week… and it was followed by a year and a half of unemployment before my next good job. Take it all in.
I wish you the BEST luck. Hopefully I’ll see you up there one day.
John “Jeff”rey Martin

NAME: Jake Bazel

AGE: 15


ENTER STAGE RIGHT:  Jake makes his professional stage debut with EVERGREEN, though he has “been performing as long as I can remember!”

AUDITION SONG: “Purpose” and “Soon it’s Gonna Rain”


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MUSICAL: “Avenue Q because it is fun, original and I’ve always wanted to be a puppeteer.”

FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: English – “I  have always liked writing.”

FAVORITE HOBBY: “Besides acting, singing, and dancing… puppetry, and puppeteering!”

WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GET OLDER: “I would love to be both an actor and a puppeteer.”


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