December 14, 2009

Tonight completes our rehearsals in the studio! On Wednesday we move into the theatre to start our technical rehearsals. This is always a crazy time when the orchestra, sets, lights, costumes, and performers all come together to combine all of the elements that will become EVERGREEN.  As we lead up to our first public performance I thought it was time to meet some of our young cast members, and get a behind-the-scenes look at who they are.

Each of the youth ensemble members has filled out an EVERGREEN questionnaire and here are the answers they gave. As an added bonus I’ve been lucky enough to get some industry professionals to add some words of advice and encouragement for their future success. Now let us meet our first cast member!

NAME: Sammy Grob

AGE: 11 and a half


ENTER STAGE RIGHT: Although this is Sammy’s first show with Prospect Theater Company he has been performing for six years. Poppy Seed players, Fire Island Community Theater, and French Woods Festival Performers have all be lucky enough to have Sammy grace their stages.

FAVORITE PART OF EVERGREEN SO FAR: “I enjoy singing with my fellow ensemble members.”


FAVORITE HOBBY: “Playing musical theatre songs on the piano by ear.”

WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GET OLDER: “I want to be a writer, actor/singer, lyricist, and musical director.”

Here’s what one of the creators of the Broadway smash hit musical HAIRSPRAY has to say about Sammy’s future ambitions…


Hi.  My name is Marc Shaiman and, like you, I was around 12 years old when I decided I wanted to be a writer/lyricist/music director when I got older.

And guess what?  It all came true!  Although no one could follow my exact path towards the dreams of mine that came true, I can tell you this: If you want it and LOVE it, keep at it!

I have been blessed to live a life full of music and lyrics and the tremendous joy of accompanying great performers interpreting my songs or all the classic songs of theatre and American Pop Music, and I couldn’t wish a better life for you.  In fact, I am jealous of you, you have so much to look forward to.

Break A Leg!,

Marc Shaiman


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