December 3, 2009

We have been in rehearsal for EVERGREEN for just over two weeks now and things are coming along very well.  The cast is working hard learning lines, songs, and dance choreography.

But how does it all come together you ask?

The process of putting up EVERGREEN is a bit different than most shows. Normally the libretto, music and lyrics would be all complete before you go into rehearsal. Any adjustments to the material would be made once you get the show up on its feet. EVERGREEN is being pieced together more in the style of an animated feature. The writers have created an outline detailing what story elements they want in the show. Characters, plots, songs, dance sequences, themes and such.  To help flesh out these ideas to see what was working thus far, EVERGREEN had a workshop in the early fall with a small cast to put all the material up on its feet. This gave Cara and Peter a chance to see what they had and what they needed to work on next.

Workshops are a very normal part of the creative process in building a show. What’s different here is that the show is still being created while we are in rehearsals. The actors will get daily script pages (kind of like being on a film set) and then along with Cara will rehearse the pages at hand. What comes out of that Cara and Peter will discuss and see if any adjustments need to be made.

The same sort of process is being used for dance music for the show. Dax Valdes, our choreographer, and Peter work out music sequences based on some of the movement Dax and the cast come up with in rehearsal.  Dax is working with a lot of environmental elements in the show (wind, fire, water, etc.). He will do some improv work with the cast to create a movement vocabulary for fire, let’s say. They will show some sequences to Peter and then he will come back with music based on what the movement looked like.

Once this process has repeated itself a number of times we will end up with the finished version of the script and score.

Until next time from the assistant directors chair,


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