Photos from the world of The Dome…

January 4, 2009

Hello again and happy new year!  It’s Rachel, with more updates from The Dome.

On January 2nd we had our first official rehearsal.  We met and greeted, and did some hilarious improvisational activities, and then worked on the song “Lilianna,” which was contributed to the show by the very talented Deborah Abramson.  It was an excellent start with an excellent group!

Yesterday, January 3rd, we had a video shoot for some promotional videos that we’ll be posting online.  I ran around taking photos, and here are some of the good ones.  I don’t want to give too much away–you’ll have to wait for the videos to be posted!–but here are some shots, just to toy with you all:


Sitting at the table are Dorothy Abrahams, who’s playing Emilie du Châtelet, and Dino Antoniou, who’s playing Voltaire.  Standing against the wall is Tony Vallés, Prospect’s director of communications, and shooting the video is Jaime Vallés, Prospect’s graphic designer.

The video for the clowns piece involved various elements, including shoes and paper airplanes.


Here Sarah Statler, one of the actors, tries to throw a paper airplane into the shot Jaime’s getting.  The other actors are behind her, also throwing paper airplanes in front of Jaime.


Action shot!  John Gardner, who will be playing the father in the section about the couple expecting a baby, runs away with a pair of shoes at great speed.


Here Andrew Zimmerman, one of the actors, holds a sign that says “What are you certain of?”  Prospect’s tagline for The Dome is “What are you certain of, but cannot prove?”  Come to the show and see for yourself what it all means…

As the afternoon wore on, the whole group traipsed over to what is often known as The Hippo Park (due to its many awesome statues of hippos, on which you can climb), on 90th St. and Riverside Drive.  Everyone blew up beach balls and ran around John in circles.  Trust me, it was profound.


That’s all the news that’s fit to print for now.  Stay tuned for more photos and some exciting guest blogs: same time, same station.  And remember to take the survey!


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