More benighted than you…

November 3, 2008

Ryan Dietz, the phenomenal Sir Andrew Aguecheek chimes in!

Favorite moment in Illyria?
My favorite moment in the show is Save One. It is an amazing song – sung and acted beautifully by Jessica, Laura and Brandon. After acting crazy for an entire act I love to just sit and listen to it. It is a complete pleasure. As for my favorite moment as Sir Andrew…that’s a tough question because I kind of like everything. I have the honor of being on stage with Tina, Dan and Jim almost the whole show and it is so much fun.

Can you juggle?
Jim Poulos, Dan Sharkey, Tina Stafford, our musical director Dan Feyer and myself can all juggle! I am trying to see where we can all start juggling during the show (including Dan Feyer!!!). Maybe curtain call?  The orchestra can conduct themselves for a few measures! Right?

Strangest job you ever had?
I have had a ton of jobs over the years. I was a butler at a fancy-pants spa, a secretary, I dressed up like Raggedy Andy at a mall in Cleveland (my home town), scooped popcorn, performed at children’s parties, cater-waitered. They are all pretty strange if you ask me. The strangest job EVER was when I first moved to NY and I was temping at the time and I was put on assignment to answer phones at Telemundo – the Spanish television station. I don’t speak Spanish but they were in a bind so they accepted me. I think I said “No hables Espanol” about 60 times. I don’t even know how to spell it – I took German. But I did get to watch Telemundo soaps all day because they played them in the lobby where my desk was. They were so much fun and even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying I knew exactly what was going on! I was never asked back. Hmmm.

Do you relate to your character?

I do relate to Sir Andrew in certain ways but I am nothing like him in others. Andrew is kind of aloof. I have my moments for sure. Sir Andrew is often put in situations by Toby and Maria for their amusement and they convince him to do things. Andrew listens to them. It reminds me of when I was kid and I was the one getting picked on. The difference is Andrew doesn’t really know he is getting duped and Toby and Maria really do like him. I knew full well I was getting picked on and those kids didn’t like me at all. Kids are mean! Excuse me – I think I need to call my therapist. I’ll be right back.

The most challenging part of Illyria?
Right now the most challenging part of Illyria for me is the Duel in Act 2. It’s a marathon and very physical. It’s a lot of fun but it’s like putting a giant puzzle together. It’s going to be awesome!!! (I would also like to point out that I started three sentences in a row with “It’s”.)

If you asked my mom the weirdest thing about me what would she say?
She could give you a list of weird things about me I am sure. But knowing my mom she would say “Nothing. He’s the sweetest boy ever born. EVER.” My mamma loves me.