Sitz Probe

October 12, 2008

Hey y’all,

One of your Assistant Directors (or maybe the favorite Assistant Director, but don’t tell Chris), Mary Beth, blogging live from one of our final studio rehearsals.  You read that right, one of our FINAL studio rehearsals, with tomorrow being the final one before we move into the theater.  Its kind of crazy really, as it feels like we just began, and I guess we did just begin, I mean three weeks ago, but still.  A lot has been accomplished in three short weeks, and with one more week of rehearsals I can only imagine what this show will become, and I mean that in the best way possible.  We just came back from our hour break and are starting to work on the opening a bit as we have tweaked the beginning recently.  Personally, I think that the small adjustment that we made has really made the opening an incredible piece of cohesive story-telling.  Once we are done with this we will move into a full run of the show and, hopefully, with very few bumps.  Earlier in the day we had a sitz probe (German for “sing with the band”, for all of those who were uncertain as to what that term meant, such as myself) rehearsal, which was the first time that we’ve had the entire band play with the actors.  Of course this added an incredible new dimension to all of the numbers, giving more personality and life to the songs and giving the actors even more to play with.

All in all, I think we are in great shape and are definitely ready to move into the theater and get on our set.  I know I may seem a little biased, and rose-colored-glasses-esque, but this show really is going to be great.  If you don’t believe me, come check it out. Prove me wrong, I dare you. 🙂  Until next time….


Since writing this post we began the full run of the show.  Cara (the director) told the actors to do one thing that would surprise their fellow players and they took this direction full on.  In fact, many of the things they’ve done will probably make it into the show….makes you curious doesn’t it?


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