Jessica Grové Answers…

October 8, 2008

The following questions have been asked of the entire cast. The respondent today is Jessica Grové, who does a magnificent job playing Viola in Prospect Theater Company’s production of Illyria.

1.)  What has been the most challenging part of rehearsals for you so far?
Not laughing during the freeze in the finale.  Brandon (Duke Orsino) and I can’t seem to figure out a good romantic pose, so we just stand there and make faces at each other.  We’re very professional.
2.)  What is your favorite moment in Illyria (either involving you or someone else)?
“Cakes and Ale”.  It’s hilarious.  And I have to follow it with a very serious ballad, “Patience”.   That’s the hardest part of the show…following those clowns! It’s really not fair.
3.)  Put your iPod on shuffle. What are the first five songs that come up?
1. “Happy News” from The Alchemists benefit concert!  I swear I’m not sucking up…it really happened.  David rocked!!
2. ” I Will Always” – The Cranberries.  Haven’t heard them in a while!  This is fun! (Takes me back to high school, geez…I still can’t understand a word she’s singing.)
3. Um…”Lightning Crashes” – Live.  This is embarrassing. I think I need to update my iPod!  Remember how popular this song was?
4. “Some Other Guy” – The Beatles (Live at the BBC)…There’s now a chance I might be cool.
5. “Broken Fairy Tale” – The Nynth Ave. Drifters.  This is really cool because my boyfriend wrote this song…for ME!!   He’s in the Nynth Ave. Drifters…and they’re a really good band.  They’re playing at The Bitter End on October 21st!!  Come see them!!
4.)  What is the strangest job you’ve ever had (non-theater related)?
I haven’t had a strange job.  But my survival jobs have been babysitting, and assisting designer Tony Walton.
5.)  If I asked your mom to tell me one weird thing about you what would she say?
Hmmm…She’d probably tell you I like to pick my face.  Are you sorry you asked?
6.)  How closely can you relate with either your character or an individual story-line in Illyria?
Well, I’ve never been ship-wrecked, never posed as a boy, never been a servant, never been courted by a woman….so EVERYTHING!  Because Viola has never had these experiences either until you meet her.
7.)  Can you juggle?  And if so what’s the largest quantity that you can juggle at a time?
I’ve managed two bean bags…does that count as juggling?
8.)  Have you ever written and/or received a love letter from a secret admirer?
No, I’ve never written one.  No, I’ve never received one. What a boring answer!
9.)  Best part of being involved in theater?
Giving people a place to go for a few hours where they can leave behind their worries and stresses.  I also love creating and collaborating with fun, intelligent and interesting people.  It’s the best job in the world!
10) What color would your aura be?
Purple. Or rainbow!  That would be fancy.
11) What is your favorite place to eat in the city?
I like Good Enough to Eat for lunch, Neptune Room for brunch, Haku for sushi, and Pearl Oyster Bar for the BEST lobster roll!

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