Welcome to Illyria!

October 4, 2008

Greetings! Salutations! Bonjour! Hola! Wassaaaaaaaap!

Welcome to Prospect Theater Company’s brand new blog! You’ll be meeting lots of folks here, all of whom have a tremendous amount of interesting information to convey to YOU! Yes, YOU! CAPITALIZED!

I’m Chris, one of the Assistant Directors on our current production of Illyria, a musical retelling of Shakespeare’s beloved Twelfth Night. Periodically I’ll be blogging live from the rehearsal process to give you, the audience member (wink-come see the show-wink), the skinny on our doings.

The Rehearsal Process is not one that many get to be privy to, and it really is a shame. There’s so much that happens within a production in the months (and sometimes even years!) before the curtain finally goes up. Writing, revising, grant writing, funding, hiring a production team (directors, designers, stage managers, production managers, casting directors), finding a performance space, finding a rehearsal space, casting (auditions, scheduling, contracts), etc. Of course all of that is already done by now, but here we are anyway! We’ve been rehearsing for roughly 3 weeks now and things are going great.

Today we worked on staging Toby, Maria, and Andrew into “The Letter,” a scene in which Malvolio convinces himself that a cryptic love letter is in fact addressed to him. Very funny stuff. Any time tricksters and self-righteous servants mix, there’s bound to be entertainment.

Later on, we polished some choreography for the crowd favorite “Cakes and Ale.” I’m sure there will be plenty of merry-making to this number in bars all across Manhattan during the weeks following opening night. That’s October 23rd at the Hudson Guild Theater. In case you were wondering.

Just now, we finished rehearsing the song “Save One.” It’s really beautiful but I don’t want to spoil the story by giving a synopsis, so I’ll let you listen to it when you come to see our show. You should also bring a friend. I’m just saying.

All in all, we’ve had some great times thus far, and are sure to have more in the future! Come back soon for more rehearsal updates from more interesting people with interesting things to tell you! But mostly:

Come See Prospect Theater Company’s new production of Illyria, beginning October 23rd at the Hudson Guild Theatre (441 West 26th St.)!


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